International Bartending Classes

Live online

We have taken our In-Person classes and have set them up to be live with you in your kitchen or home bar set up.

Tools Required:

Boston Shaker

Jigger or Shot glass

Bar spoon

Hawthrone Strainer

Paring Knife & Cutting board

416 466 7847

Email for info: 

Class 1 & 2

The Bartending Tools and how to use them.  

 Set up and closing/Inventory

Building Cocktails

Class 3 & 4

Liquor Knowledge 

Working with the bars equipment 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Stirring Cocktails

Class 5 & 6

Understanding the Components

Making you Bar Mix

Shaking Cocktails

Mixology vs Bartending

Class Schedules

6 Classes

Monday 9:30am - 2pm

Course price 429.00

Class dates and registration.

Coming Soon


Please Note** Bartending School of Ontario: reserves the right to cancel or postpone workshops due to under-enrollment,

instructor illness or inclement weather. If a workshop is canceled, you may transfer to another workshop. 

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