• Cocktail & Mixology Workshops

Mixology & Cocktail Workshop

  • mixology classes are a great way to learn the finer art of mixology in a fun and social environment.
  • This workshop is great for any bartender looking to hone your craft or an at home cocktail enthusiast looking to expand our repertoire, our workshops are perfect for any skill level.
  • Your instructor will lead you through a tasting experience of 3 crafted cocktails, from the history to how to enhance your own cocktails and utilize ingredients in your bar
  • Cocktails will be based on the season
  • Great for couples, small groups, and single tickets. Classes are small and intimate and limited to 12 guests

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 Cocktails 101series of mixology classes 

  • Fun Interactive class, Where you are the Bartender

  • Requirements; Some to None Bartending Experience,  19 Years of age Plus

    Who is in Attendance: Cocktail Curious, Cocktail Enthusiast, Date Night, Mixologist in Training, Night out with Friends,

  • Bartender at home to working Bartenders & Servers, Everyone & Anyone who has a love of cocktails.

  • ** These are not Available with Groupon Vouchers**

COCKTAILS 101: Shake, Muddle & Stir

There are three main goals when mixing a cocktail: 

Mixing: Blending the ingredients together

Chilling, the drink to its proper temperature, and 

Dilution: Diluting the drink to its proper level of dilution

What you will learn: 

How to make your own delicious cocktails at home or in your Bar.  Practical cocktail tools and techniques.

How to Mix using the 3 styles of Bartending. History of some famous Pre-prohibition cocktails.

COCKTAILS 102: Cocktails Around the World

Travel the World in this Cocktail class.

Singapore Sling

  • As we learn about and make some of the most famous cocktails from around the Globe
  • What you will learn:

How to make 4 full real Cocktails

  • We will travel from South America to across the waters
  • on a journey of famous and not so famous local cocktails
    * South America
  • * Europe
  • *Asia
  • * Oceania

Shake, Muddle & Stir


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  • Spirits Knowledge Workshop

 Tasting education of various Spirits

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    Cocktail Workshops
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    Dates are posted once the Instructors have availability in their work schedule. Sorry for the Inconvience.
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    Cocktails 102 Around the World (Not available with Groupon)
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