Bartending School of Ontario has a long history

 of being the most recognized and Awarded Bartending School in Canada.

7-time winner of the "People's Readers Choice Award" as the best career training

They have set the standards and continue to grow with the often changing Hospitality Industry.

Just a Little Bragging we have earned it.

  1. With a proven track record, BSO has more graduates working in the hospitality industry than any other bartending program.
  2. As a Registered approved and Bonded Private Vocational Schools with Career Colleges we are now grandfathered.
  3. More people attend our bartending program than any other.
  4. We are the most award-winning, highest certified and accredited course out there.
  5. The Bartending School staff got to work with some amazing people and famous ones also, from consulting major movies, making the actors look like pros and feel like pros for any bar scene to organizing 100 bartenders to work on Canada Day at Toronto Island.
  6. Did we mention some of our Awards? We are very proud of them!


 These people started me off in the Bar Industry. They taught me correctly, and also to be the best.I am beyond Thankful to them. I now own my own business & love what I do, it all stems back to the days I spent at BSO :) 

Thank you to a Great Team, Great People & Amazing Hearts! Cheers to you Randy Nash

Susanne Seelig-Mense owner of The Wine Ladies

 The Bartending School of Ontario is simply in one word. FANTASTIC! If you want to learn about the art and science of bartending this is the school to go to. From young adults to mature ones this school teaches, trains and prepares you for the world of bartending. It is the REAL DEAL!The Wine Ladies highly recommend The Bartending School of Ontario and the entire team.  August 19, 2009

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Diana Roberts 

has been working in the Bar & Restaurant Industry for over 25 years with a list of credentials and with a reputation that precedes her.

Diana hails from Newfoundland where her hospitality begins. Night Club Manager & Bar Consultant. With experience in every style of Bars & Restaurants. From Lead Bartender to Managing The Bartending school, As a Registered Bartender Instructor with Private Vocational Schools, Diana has the experience and knowledge beyond her years. 

 Co-Founder of Society of Bartenders.

Favorite Cocktail: Bahamas Highball

Favorite Liquor: El Dorado 12years & Older

Rob Berry 

has gone from the dish pit to line cook where his manager PK, put him on the floor and thought that was a mistake and put him on the bar.

Rob excelled in customer service where he started in the kitchen and worked his way to a Corporate Manager, upon returning to the trenches of Bartending, his hospitality experience & drive for a better hospitality experience for every guest brought him to The Bartending School as an  Instructor. Always honing his skills for a better bartender 

Co-Founder of Society of Bartenders 

Favorite Drink: Negroni

Favorite Alcohol: Jack Daniels  

 Victor Miller - Founder

Vic was always the go to Bartender for training new staff. While Victor enjoyed this he also realized how much the Bars were losing on time spent with untrained staff.So the idea of teaching future Bar staff on full-time basis came to light.His Bartending background brought him from Barrie to Florida and Toronto.

With his high energy, Vic was on hand to see everything ran smoothly and all had a good time.To this day he has maintained his love for the Hospitality Industry and has the respect from all who encounter him.Victor has semi-retired and now has a Radio Show on Beach Booster Radio.


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