• Professional Bartenders Master Course

This course will take you to the next level of Bartending, you will fine-tune your skills, 

Become the Bartending Chef behind the Bar

  • "The greatest accomplishment of a bartender lies in his ability to exactly suit his customer"
  • ~ Harry Gordon Johnson ~

Advanced Bartending

You will taste and work with actual alcohol, learning about flavour profiling, cordials, herb, shrubs, and botanicals.

You will learn and re-create cocktail drinks in their Family categories 

You will be

Shaking, Stirring, Muddling, Smashing, Rolling & Smoking Cocktails;

History of Cocktails and how Bartending has evolved from these Cocktails.

Each class will consist of tasting different styles of each alcohol as we learn about the products as well as you will be making a cocktail for each one.


Must be of Legal drinking age in Ontario

Bartending Course and or 1-year Cocktail Bartending experience


Please Note *

This is not a beginners course.

 We are offering BSO graduates extra saving on the course.

Check with the office for details.

The Master Bartending Class Content

Introduction - Pouring techniques & accuracy.

Understanding your senses and Making syrups and mixes from scratch.

Cocktails with the Bar Whites

Prep & Profiling - Mise En Place: Station Preparation & Interpreting & Creating flavour profiles.

Brandies, Calvados & Cognac or Armagnac

 Whiskeys of the World

Tinctures & Shrubs

 Wines grape varieties and the pairings

Working with Aperitifs and Amaro

 Grape-based Alcohols 

Your Cocktail Invention Tasting, Final Exam

Pour Testing & Accuracy 

Professional Bartenders Master Course 


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