What Can I Expect?

  • One welcome Cocktail
  • In this 2 Hour Mixology Workshop you will learn how to order your Martini.
  • Gin or Vodka, Olive or a Lemon Twist.
  • What Shaken or Stir does to Martinis
  • Learn about Flavoured Martinis in the cocktail world today
  • Proper techniques in Layering &  pouring of Shooters 

 The Madness

 The techniques and some Bartenders' trade secrets behind the Martini.

You will learn about the Classic Martini Do you like a Dry, Wet, Dirty or Burnt Martini?

Fine-tune your Martini making skills and ask questions.   

The Insanity

Shooters are the Mini Cocktails of the Party.

Combining different flavours for that unique Shot

Learn the techniques in how a shooter is layered Always the crowd-pleaser

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