Mixology  Workshops 

These 2 different are available with or without a Groupon

Workshops are available for The Cocktail Curious, Home Bartenders to The Working Bartender

Open to Ages 19+

Know Your Spirits & Bitters


Martini Madness & Shooters 

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2019  Cocktail Calendar

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Cocktail Classes

Hands-on Mixing and Tasting Class


Shake, Muddle, Stir & Pour


Whiskeys, Manhattans & Vermouth

** Cocktail 101's are not a part of our Groupon deal.

 You can However attend one of these workshops at an additional cost

Private Group Mixology Classes

Team Building

Corporate Events

Birthday Party 

Couples Night out 

Bachelorettes & Bachelors Cocktail Party

Call for Prices and details

Not offered with Groupon vouchers

Wine Tasting Classes

Learn about wine in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

Q&A throughout the Classes

WINE 1.1: 

Intro to Wine: What you are Tasting

WINE 1.2

Food & Wine Pairing

WINE 1.3

White Wines of the World

WINE 1.4

Big Bad & Bold Red Wines

WINE 1.5

 Fortified & Dessert Wines  

WINE 1.6

Bubbles & Cocktails

Molecular Monday Class

Intro to Molecular Gastronomy

1 Day -5 Hour class

You will be taking a scientific approach to creating a virtually unlimited palette of flavours, textures, and forms: gels, foams, spheres, powders, emulsions, and more in Cocktails.   

Register in advance

Distilled Spirits 101 

Learn about Spirits from the Producers, Ambassadors, and Aficionados

We offer you a distinctive place where the love for unique craft spirits and perfectly concocted cocktails can grow and evolve.

What you get at the Seminars & Tastings, is an environment where education, hospitality, and enjoyment collide.

A platform for Bartenders and Cocktail enthusiasts

to showcase their passion for ultimate cocktails and the understanding of the ingredients.

Regardless of the event, you are welcome to attend

Oct 30th 6:30 - 8:30pm

Viritus Vodka Experience

A truly smooth, clean and innovative Vodka – 100% Canadian 100% Ontario Corn 100% Celiac Safe & Gluten Free

Mixology Workshop
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