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Smaller Class Sizes. 

 Prep Study Classes

Final Test in person or Online Test

Hand Sanitizers @ every Station

We will require you to wear a mask or we will supply one 

International Bartending Certification

  • The more you know and understand, the more confident and professional you will be behind the wood or on the floor.
  • This course is Internationally recognized with a proven track record.
  • Voted # 1 Bartending School 
  • Where you learn Bartending.
  • Age requirement 18+


The Confident Bartender Starters Course

Your Classroom is in a simulated bar atmosphere, set up like a real bar so you will treat it like you are working at a real bar where you can feel comfortable and we help build your confidence.

This is Not a slideshow course.

BSO Students Shaking Cocktails

The Complete Hands 

experience, will have you behind the Bar, Mixing cocktails preparing you for every aspect of a working Bartender.

Mixology rules help you to learn these recipes faster and with confidence. This is not Memorization this is understanding recipes for Cocktails Not just Bartending: You learn about building Clientele. How to suggest & sell cocktails

Customer Service & Hospitality

Its what we do!

Job Placement assistance.

Need to up Your Skills in this competitive Industry.

Obtain your Smart Serve Online 

The Bartending Course

Learn  what we do on the Job

Mixing Cocktails & More

Class OneStep behind the bar, learning your bar tools, and environment, Pouring your first cocktail, Mixing various cocktails based on their Family. Inventory, Bar Set up and shutting down your bar. Shift duties and Cash procedures. 

Class Two - Shaking up the World

BSO Student Pouring Cocktail

The Classic Cocktails Working with Syrups, Bitters & Egg whites. Product Knowledge:  is the Key to selling, Understanding Alcohol

Class Three –  The Art of the Martini. Shaken vs Stirred, Gin or Vodka. Understanding & Tasting Vermouths

Muddling Fruits, Herbs, and Crushing Ice

Working with Visual Touch POSBartenders Resume Writing & Job Interviews 

Class Four - Mixology coming together

Layering Shooters, Troubleshooting With Draft & Beer

Make a Great Caesar with Canada's own

Learn More Education and Alcohol

Tasting Seminars and Workshops offered at the school and outside.

Learn from the experts

Brand Ambassadors/Distillers or from our Knowledgeable Instructors & Guest Speakers 

Molecular Classes, Cocktail Sessions

Virtual Workshops 

Cocktail kits to go.

Online Classes Coming soon

Staffing Needs? We got you covered

We have Graduates ready to work

or we Work with your Staff 

Consultants for your bar needs,

Opening, Re-training, Menu writing

Wine 101 (series Wine tasting classes)

International Students 

 Most foreign nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. To attend The Bartending School of Ontario A study permit is not required

** COVID 19 ALERT** Regulations for travel into Canada for the purpose of attending School or visiting has changed please check 

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PLACES TO STAY: Hostels / Backpackers or HotelsAir BNB

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Please note: Due to Covid-19 we are booking Smaller class sizes.
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This class does require a minimum # of Participants

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Professional Bartenders Master Classes
Level Two
Bartending Experience is required for this course
899 BSO Student's Call for Pricing
Must be a past student to obtain a discount
All paticipants must be of provincial Drinking age.

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