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International Bartending Class

Professional Bartenders Master Course

Level Two  Experience is RequiredProfessional Bartending Course

Why Bartending Education?

Because an Educated Bartender enhances the customer's experience and improves the Establishment's reputation.

Builds Confidence and longer employment

 A Good Bartender will be able to ask questions of your customers and offer cocktails to meet their preferences.

What do I need to be a Bartender?

Cocktail Knowledge

(This is one of the most important assets as a Bartender.)

Product Knowledge

(Understanding Alcohols)

Great Customer Service

Keeping it clean and organized


Math Skills

Short term & Long term Memory

Able to handle many situations

Be attentive & listening skills

Safe and responsible service

Sense of Humor

  • This is where BARTENDERS & SERVERS

  • Learn to mix it up in the Modern World

The Bartending School is dedicated to you working in the Hospitality Industry.

Accredited Bartending Education

You will learn all aspects of Bartending & Mixology with the Bar Owner in mind.

The course is designed to educate bartenders & servers the art of mixing cocktails.

The comprehensive course is the result of countless hours of bartending, managing and consulting from some of the best Bartenders around.

Here at BSO, we have graduates working in Toronto, Surrounding GTA, Across Canada, Other Countries, International Cruise Lines & Resorts.

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  • Major Bars are not hiring certificates from any Virtual Bartending courses.

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Intro to Molecular Cocktails


"I can start off as a Barback or Server and just learn to bartend."

Not all bars are willing or able to invest the time it takes to train someone and teach a solid foundation of bartending.

Many bars have the General Manager or Bar Manager that does not have any knowledge of bartending but is in charge of hiring bartenders.

Without proper training in place, this leads to inconsistency, and pretty much a free-for-all.

Along with being taught incorrect ways of doing things, pick up horrible habits, and you might never actually get to bartend.


Customer Service & How to deal with various situations

POS systems: Visual Touch: Hands-on Training

Product Knowledge: Understanding alcohol and its differences.

Mixology rules from the making of Cocktails to the Hows and Whys of Cocktails.

Glassware and the importance, Bar Tools, Setting up, Daily Duties

Draft Systems & Beer Knowledge: Troubleshooting 
Cocktail Making: Hands-on Class.

Graduates have a lifetime membership of review classes

Socializing and Networking
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There are more than 1.2 million employees, In the Restaurant Industry in Canada.

Common questions

How old do I have to be to Bartend in Ontario?

In Canada 18 years of age to Bartend. Provincial drinking ages differ.

Is a bartender Licence required in Ontario?

No.   However, an increasing number of higher-quality bars and hotels now require certification from a reputable school.

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Job Placement Assistance.

The Bartending school has been training since 1974, With our track record, and numerous awards.

" the most recognized certificate in the Hospitality industry Internationally."

We cannot guarantee you placement 

We do have job postings and help you with job leads plus resumes.


    Classes are available for
    1,2 or 4 weeks

  • The next level
  • Bar Consultants
    • The school can help with the set up of your Bar,
    • Onsite Staff Evaluation
    • and Education for your establishment,
    • Proper Pour Measuring
    •  Saving on over pour & spillage
    • Promote Cocktails and move Inventory
    •  Call for a Free consult on what we can do for you the Bar Owner & your Staff
    • More than just Bartenders teaching School we are Hospitality Professionals 
    • We are here to help you.

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