Beginners or Intermediate

  • The more you know and understand, the more confident and professional you will be behind the wood or on the floor.
  • This course is Internationally recognized with a proven track record.
  • Voted # 1 Bartending School 
  • SPECIAL! $399. Tax Exempt

 Confident Bartender 

Your Classroom is in a simulated bar atmosphere, set up as a real bar so you will treat it like you are working at a real bar where you can feel comfortable and we help build your confidence.

This is Not a slide show course.

The Complete Hands experience, you are behind the Bar, Mixing cocktails.

We will prepare you for all aspects of a

working Bartender.

Mixology rules help you to learn these recipes faster and with confidence.This is not Memorization this is understanding recipes to Cocktails

It is a lot of information put to use while practicing in our class.

We have 12 bartender stations in our complete assimilated bar.

To ensure that the instructor is able to teach each student as needed to learn and allows you to become a strong bartender.

Not just Bartending you learn about building Clientele.

 Customer Service & Hospitality.

A customer should feel welcomed from the moment they enter your establishment. 

BSO Graduates have access to Job postings and Review classes.

Mixing Cocktails & More

Class One – Behind the Bar

On your first day, you are behind the bar, learning your bar tools, and environment, Pouring your first cocktail, Mixing various cocktails based on their Family.

Stocking, Inventory, Setting up and Closing your bar, Shift responsibilities, and Cash procedures. 

Class Two - Shaking up the World

Every class you are behind the bar, mixing cocktails from last class, pour-testing and on to learning the mixology behind all cocktails Shaken.

You can not sell what you do not know. Product Knowledge is Key to selling cocktails, Pricing of Cocktails and understanding your Substitutions. 

 Class Three – Martini's 

One of the most interesting families of Cocktails. The Art of the Martini.

While you are learning the proper measuring & pouring, let's add a little style.

Working with Visual Touch POS, Customer orders. 

We are to walk you through the process of Resume writing & job interviews 

Class Four - The Best Class

This class covers the most common cocktails that every Bartender makes.

The best part of the classes the shooters, Layering Techniques for Shooters & Cocktails, Working with Draft systems how to troubleshoot any problems, this makes you an asset to any Beer & Draft bars.

Bartending Class Times

 We try to accommodate everyone's work schedules.

Classes are Available daytime 9:30 - 4 pm

Option 1: Students can Attend one day a week, this is done over 4 weeks

Option 2: Classes run for Two days a week over a 2 week period.

This includes weekends for 2 weekends in a row.

Option 3: One week Mon - Thurs, this schedule involves students being prepared for the next day, This class time is fast. 

Need to review, join more classes at no charge  

 Smart Serve Test are held on Fridays.

Registration for this class is a must. ID is required.

Wine Tasting Classes coming soon: Stay tuned 

Cocktails 101: Shake Muddle Stir & Pour 

 Visit Tasting page for more info

Cocktails 201: Martini, Manhattans & More

Various Making & Tastings or Master  Classes with Liquor ambassadors, Founders or our Master Bartenders & Mixologists. 

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What else can I Do at The Bartending School?

Attend other Tasting Seminars and Workshops offered at the school and outside.

Education and Alcohol, Learn Product Knowledge

from Brand Ambassadors or from our Knowledgable Instructors. 

All Tasting Events and Workshops

are available to anyone 19+

The Bartending School also has Bartenders &  Servers for Hire

Be Ready For Work with


Save now only  $525 no tax. (Limited Time)

  What you get: 


 Provincial Regulated SMART SERVE Certificate

 Wine education with The WINE COUNCIL OF ONTARIO Certificate of Merit 

Professional Bartenders Master Course

  • $575 Tax Exempt regular $799 (Limited time Savings)
  • "The greatest accomplishment of a bartender lies in his ability to exactly suit his customer"
  • ~ Harry Gordon Johnson ~


The Professionals

This course will take you to the next level of Bartending, This is where you will fine tune your skills,

Become the Bartending Chef behind the Bar,

One of the biggest assets to any bar is Knowledgeable staff who are capable of Cocktail making like no other.

Where you will fine tune your skills, Become the Bartending Chef behind the Bar,

One of the biggest assets to any bar is Knowledgeable staff who are capable of Cocktail making like no other.

One of the biggest assets to any bar is Knowledge products and flavour profiling

 staff who are capable of Cocktail making like no other Understanding the alcohol flavours,

Pairing and Tasting everything you are working with.

 Read below for Course Breakdown.


In this Advanced Course

you will taste and work with actual alcohol, learning about flavour profiling, cordials, herb, shrubs, and botanicals.

You will learn and re-create cocktail drinks in their Family categories We will be

Shaking, Stirring, Muddling, Smashing, Rolling & Smoking Cocktails.;

History of Cocktails and where Bartending has evolved to today.

Each class will consist of tasting different styles of each alcohol as we learn about the products as well as you will be making a cocktail for each one.


Must be 19 + 

A minimum of 1-year Bartending Cocktail Experience  

plus or a  Bartending Certificate.


 Course Content

Class 1

Introduction - Orientation - Pouring techniques & accuracy. Making syrups and mixes from scratch.

Cocktails with The Bar Whites

 Class 2

Prep & Profiling - Mise En Place: Station Preparation & Interpreting Flavours. 

Class 3

Understanding your senses and Creating flavour profiles.

 Whiskeys of the World

Class 4

Wines grape varieties and the pairings

Working with Aperitifs and Amaro

 Grape based Alcohols 

Class 5

Your Cocktail Invention Tasting, Final Exam

Pour Testing & Accuracy 

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