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Mixologist vs Bartender

mix·ol·o·gist  : is a person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks.
bar·tend·er :  is a person who mixes and serves drinks at a bar.


In the words of esteemed bartender Jim Meehan of the New York bar PDT:
“A mixologist serves drinks; a bartender serves people–many of my favorite bartenders
can’t make a good drink, while some of the best mixologists can’t carry on a conversation.” 

Either way you call it a Bartender/Mixologist needs to have a good memory.
Have knowledge of all Alcohols, on top of learning the numerous cocktail recipes.
The act of making a drink is more like science and math.
You're adding components in an exact formula,
so if you do it the right way, you should know that it's going to taste good.

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